Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post At least 59 people arrested and sent to court in 2019 in connection with a destructive business Natural resources in the Kingdom of Cambodia. According to a press release from the National Commission for the Prevention and Suppression of Natural Resource Offenses released today.

The force of 2019 seized and seized more than 9,000 (9,215 meters) mixed wood, the statement said. Custody and confiscation of equipment for a total of 491 businesses and bicycles and processed, burned and cut Destroyed were 212 units. All captured timber must be kept free of bids in order to raise funds for the state budget.

Authorities must continue to take legal action against individuals or companies involved in forestry offenses, the release said Suspects and exhibits must be sent to the prosecution for prosecution according to the procedure and the means of destruction of the forest and equipment such as tractors, motorbikes Yes Buffalo trailers chainsaws were destroyed. Illegal weapons or explosives are seized, confiscated by the state, or destroyed.

At present, research and investigation of the expertise confirms that logging and logistics are being carried out. Large-scale illegal, quiet but still illegal transport of forest products in the shape of a car Small-scale kerosene Paddy wagon rtihkrabei trailers.

Provincial, municipal, and district governors must coordinate with the competent and competent officials to continue monitoring the transport of forest products. All permits, from the beginning, middle and end, including warehouse inspections and forest products processing. The NEC also appealed to the public and the media to continue to provide factual information to the competent authorities at all levels and that information will Take steps to prevent and crack down on forestry offenses as well as respect the rules of ethics.

However, forestry activist Heng Fresh said he was aware of the National Commission's efforts to prevent and curb resource crime. Nature.

“In order to ensure that the forest is not lost, the commission should crack down on the big tycoons who are still waiting for it,” he said. Buy illegal timber from deforestation for sale abroad. But all the suspects arrested so far in connection with the forest crime are the only ones to mislead the masses. ”

"We want the crackdown on loggers, trucks and container containers overseas," he said.

Eng Hs, spokesman for the National Gendarmerie, declined to comment on the number of suspects in question. The deforestation, he claimed, was a secret of the court.

Chun Chien, a member of the Preah Vihear Forest Forest Network, said that following the National Commission's crackdown in 2019, there was a crime. Forestry in Preah Vihear forest is down by about 70% as he points out that in 2017 and 2018 every day is day and day. Overnight there is a log truck transporting timber from the country of 100 km Ie, with the middlemen buy anarchic and open, but very little time remaining.