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Kompong Speu: It is reported that a 2-star star who used the influence of his uncle, who wore four stars, seized the community forest. Many hectares have taken over their ownership without fear of lawlessness. The communal land the 2-star clearing was located in the village of Srei commune, Kong Pisey district, Kampong Speu province.

Previously, this community land master's skill as well as relevant institutions had visited and demarcated land markers as community land. And also has a MOU with the Ministry of Agriculture.

According to an official of Pisey District Hall, community land is usually a state reserve and is registered with the Ministry of Agriculture. Therefore, no person can be invaded, no matter what their status. This would be an unlawful encroachment on state land.

The above case could not ask for a two-star explanation regarding the use of military power to encroach on state land This.

According to a Forestry Administration official, the communal land is registered with the Ministry of Agriculture and no person has the right to clear land. Chhay was confiscated as a state forest reserve to restore communal forest for community use.

According to the military authority, the authorities, who also seized the community forest land, also claimed citizenship In Sreng commune, they say they plan to visit the Kompong Speu provincial governor to visit several community forest plots. Qatar, which is being marketed and owned, is becoming pork Floor.