The Preah Vihear provincial information department said Chum Puy The governor of Preah Vihear Thmey district's new social district informed in the morning of February 2, 2020 that the fire at Stung Sdov Phu Peam Pagoda in Sdao commune, Srok Thmey commune, was caused by a fire. Burn a bush.

Following widespread criticism on Facebook that Preah Vihear's new social district authority is not paying attention to help The fire at the forest bridge in Trangkak village, Sdao commune, new social district, Chum Puy, new social district governor clarified that He worked very hard, but if he did not win the fight he did not win In particular, the water trucks of the old and new social district police chiefs were very picky and unused. Was born and was far from water.

According to a statement from the district administration over the Stung Sdao bridge fire between Soc and Phsar Treng village, Speu commune, Thmey district, the new Stung Treng bridge fire happened at 10:30 pm on 21 st. February, 2020, and the co-operation teamed up with teachers and citizens, authorities have already extinguished but Today Sides of revitalizing the remaining coals of fire caused the fire again at 1 0 o'clock tonight.

After the report, he ordered the post office, in collaboration with teachers and citizens of about 30, to fire again. Because of the fire, the fire was very sad, causing great sadness.

The district governor also said that regarding criticism that he was inactive and that he was angry with Ben, he had no qualifications. No. Instead, he is now working on a solution in collaboration with the Provincial Department of Public Works and Environment officials to build the bridge. Well. Particularly for the alleged culprits of burglars, bridges or caused by forest fires, he asked the authorities to do research. First.

It should be emphasized that the Stung Sdao Bridge, which is on fire, is a very old bridge, and it serves the common good of the people, not just Ben.

The burning of forest in the new social village of Preah Vihear province in order to reclaim land is still ongoing without sick people, Mr. Thihath Chea Chea wrote on the official Facebook page on February 22. The Ben family is facing a bush fire, and Ben is very difficult and unable to cope with the Lor because the thief is behind them. Yeah

Mr. Star asked the people involved to help and take care of them, as he came to help us with nothing but care for the forest. Get together !!!!! Because they work for us and our nation, so we must help take care of them !! I will contribute to this !!!!

Mr. Phan Vannak said that the burning of forestry in Preah Vihear's new social district to encroach on land continues to the district and provincial authorities, including the wearing The system is soundly asleep. Ben is confronted by a band of thieves, but he is not able to resist the pirates because the thieves are protected.

Tan Kim Sour also expressed his thanks to the Chumphu district's new social governor for not only urging him to take immediate action to put out the fire. Burning bridges, but to see if the bridge is broken or not, says Hawking Not satisfied with Ben's presence at all Only affect the benefit of the world, Mr. Governor?

"If I can speak against me legally, I have your voice." Foreigners are not at risk of death, so I am afraid of legal action with him.

Tan Kim asked for more information on the cause of the fire and was the work of a local police officer. There was a scowl running into the bridge, with no way to do so, and the police decided to burn the bridge. Get rid of the scorpion. Innovative ideas.

Oknha Srey Chanthan said, "Hello, Ben, while I am on duty in Russia and late at night, I saw a news report about From the ordeal of a forest and bridge fire, when I finish my mission in Russia, I will visit you and discuss what I can do to help you. Yes.

Comedian Mi Ming said, "Ben, you want to save your life in Vienna and give yourself a day to help others who want to go." Some? In one month they burned two hundred burners of copper, and with me I wanted to build a bridge for the steel or concrete, so let's join with us. ”