Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post Kambol district police are still searching for the suspect in connection with the murder of a man and dragging down the pond where the body was found. Dead in Trap 1 on February 25 in Toul Tral Village, Sangkat Kambol, Phnom Penh.

Phalkul district police chief Phan Phoeun said on February 26 that in connection with the crime, authorities in the Kambol district were looking for suspects for the crime. Identify. But until February 26, the search of the suspects has not been determined. Victims also cops are promoting their relatives in order to identify them.

“Although we have not yet been able to identify the perpetrator, our authority has tried to set fire to the perpetrators,” he said. Violate the law very seriously. ”

He said that before the surprise of the dead, four people had gone to clear the lotus and throw fish in Trapaing. Plant a lotus. Then they found a man lying dead in the water, and he had his hands and feet bound. They immediately reported the police to his backyard, and he informed the Kambol district of the site. It happened.

He added that at the scene near the Trapeang water, there was a bush of bushes on a hill and a sticky bush. According to the police, forensic experts concluded that the victim was killed near the bush and the perpetrator was dragged down by the victim. In water only at the foot of the adult foot. An autopsy indicates that the victim may have been killed on the night of Feb. 24.

He said the victim was about 30 years old and was wearing a gray shirt, long sleeves and miniskirts. The same color as the shirt. As for the conclusions about the number of suspects, Phan Phoeun pointed out that one by one they could not kill the victim but could kill two people. Two to three people can be killed.

After the autopsy, the cops took the body to be deposited at Ang Boeng Pagoda pagoda in Ang Boeng Chork village, Kambol district, Phnom Penh.

Forensic specialist Dr Norng Sovannroth told the Post on February 26 that the body had been stabbed to death by the suspects. Seven sharp faces. Each stab was deep, buried deep in the flesh and also tied to the hands. Until February 26, authorities have not yet identified the victim.

"What I found was a scar on my chest and body that I saw," he said.

According to the doctor, the autopsy was that the victim was killed on the 24th night of the day between 11pm 12 nights. Because the condition of the corpse shows that there is no swelling or smell yet.

He added that near the scene of the attack, he saw a bush burning and there was a pipe smoking like a pipe. There was blood stains from the floor to the water's edge. It means the perpetrator killed the victim and threw it into the water.