Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post Meanchey district police are searching for a mother who was arrested in connection with the killing of her son in a tragic incident in Traa 4 village. Steung Meanchey 3, Meanchey District, Phnom Penh, February 23.

Meanchey district police chief Meng Virak said yesterday that the woman was Hopha Sopheak, and her son was Kang Chan Sokhom. 32 years. They live together at # 1432 Concrete Road, Trea village 4, Stung Meanchey commune, 3 Meanchey district. The murder, the cops are looking for all means to arrest the suspect. The suspect is the first step and based on gathering information from witnesses around the scene, the suspect is the mother of the victim. The victim suffered.

“The perpetrator could not escape from the hands of the cops, and now my cops are burning my arms and arresting me,” he said. The man.

Em Pheary 3, Stung Meanchey commune police chief, said yesterday that the victim had a wife, Keo Srey Pheak, and had a daughter, Radani. 7 years. The family had a business to sell at home. The incident happened at 2 pm on February 23. Neighbors of the victim's home heard the victim's name is Kang Chan Sokhom, who suffers from a neurological disorder. Their biological mother, Hess, was gentle in the house.

Mothers also have autism, he said. They live in the same family as above. Before the incident, the victim's wife was found sleeping outside. Her daughter was inside the home and saw the woman who killed her. But when the woman suspected the attacker, her daughter did not tell her mother. When the suspect leaves the house, the girl wakes up to tell her mother what happened.

“Authorities suspect that the victim's mother was referring to the victim's daughter, who witnessed the incident,” he said. Your own eyes.

The head of the autopsy, Dr. Nong Sovannroth, said yesterday that the head of the corpse had a cut on the side of his right side. Four skulls. On the surface there are three scars to the bone.

In the backyard, police found one of the blood stained with the suspect, he said. Based on the bloody ax, the authorities concluded that the ax was the means by which the suspect was killed. As he was inspecting the body, he saw authorities questioning the victim's father and wife but missing his mother.

“I have only a minute to look at the corpse, to show that the victim died of a skull and an ax,” he said. With a scar. Therefore, the authorities conclude that it is the evidence, ”he said.