Banteay Meanchey: Banteay Meanchey Criminal Police are searching for a suspect who raped and then stabbed a woman to death in a rented room in Banteay Meanchey. Kbal Spean 1 Village, Sangkat-Poipet City, Banteay Meanchey Province on March 2.

Banteay Meanchey provincial police chief Seth Loh told the Post yesterday that the victim, 23-year-old Huon Srey, lived in Kbal Spean 1 village, Poipet commune. Was stabbed to death in her rented room. But authorities still do not know for sure what caused the murder.

"Initially, we launched an urgent investigation and we did our best," he said. We have not yet identified the perpetrators.

Im Sophearak, Poipet Sangkat Police Chief, said yesterday that according to the preliminary investigation of the police between the victim and the suspect. Yes, the couple is together and the perpetrator is Cambodian. However, the authorities are continuing to search for the perpetrators.

According to a Poipet City police officer who asked not to be named, a resident near the victim's room said that the victim Accident was working at a casino in Poipet and a man was often seen visiting and entering and leaving his rented room. She is on the first floor.

But they are also not interested in questioning the victim. On the evening of March 2, the victim was seen entering her room alone as usual. At around 7 pm on the same day, a woman who rented a room next door knocked on the door of the women's room. Victims to discuss work matters.

But did not hear the usual response as the door was locked and she was skeptical. The woman called other neighbors to come and help, and they broke the lock and saw blood on her face. The floor and the victim's body were stripped naked, while there were also deep cuts on the neck.

The official added that after such an incident, the people reported to the Poipet Sangkat Administration Police and the police arrived at the scene. Cause. After that, the technical and scientific police found that the body had a cut on the throat and the perpetrator could catch the rape victim first. Kill her.

According to witnesses, the victim may have been close to the suspect and the suspect had a key to the door. In that room, the suspect had the means to lock the door to kill the victim. The victim is usually seen entering and leaving the room with the door locked on a regular basis.

However, Poipet Deputy Inspector Prum Piseth told the Post by telephone yesterday that authorities were looking for clues to the perpetrators and Within the jurisdiction of the investigation. But the perpetrator who killed the victim was a Cambodian, not a Chinese.