Missing: Officials from the Battambang Forestry Administration and local authorities in Samlot district are collaborating on a wildfire in Phnom Penh. The bride was located in Saman commune, Samlot district on January 28, 2020 on suspicion of burglary on purpose. Catch the wildlife or for it State land for personal property.

Pheak Pisak, deputy chief of Battambang's Forestry Administration, told the Post on Wednesday that a wildfire in the Phnom Dum Kram area had been reported. This happens every year, but this year is bigger than ever, with fires burning all over the mountain.

“In this case, we do not know the exact cause of anything, but in general Cambodian wildfires are caused by human factors burning to intercept wild animals or invade the state's forests From tossing cigarette butts into deciduous or dead bushes with no precautions CAUTION.

“At this time, our officials are cooperating with local authorities to investigate the case,” he said.

Before the flames spread throughout the forest in the area, Chuon Chanthan, 36, said. Smoke was seen on the western side of the mountain, but no one was aware that it would cause a wildfire to spread. Neither the villagers' homes.

"Villagers and authorities saw smoke coming out of the mountain forest from about 10am to 3am until 3am," said Chanthan. The afternoon saw a fire burning up the hill, but authorities did not take measures to extinguish or prevent the spread of the fire Suddenly, the fire burned the forest all around the mountain Reasonableness and almost spread to the district authorities take action spray water to extinguish.

Sam Chakrya, deputy district police chief in charge of fire and defense, told the Post that due to the location on the west side of the hill, There was no way out, so his team could not move the vehicle to extinguish or extinguish the fire. Yes.

However, his force moved three fire trucks into the eastern foothills and fired water to prevent the spread. To the villagers' homes and the Samlot district administration building

Rin Chakrya said: “According to estimates, the forest area in the Phnom Dom Kram area is more than 10 hectares but the fire "The bush was on fire. It was only burning with dead grass and some small trees."

“Even though there was no access to it in the first place, our team intervened to spray the water and Prevent it from spreading to the homes of the villagers and no one is harmed. ”

Meanwhile, MJP director Kong Mony Chan said a forest fire event in Samlot occurred almost every year as the case was. Forestry is poor and affects the habitats of all kinds of wildlife. However, most of the mountainous forests in the area are mostly prone to recurrence when it rains.

According to Article 97 of the Forestry Law, anyone who intentionally causes a forest fire will face a prison sentence. From 5 years to 10 years.