BERLIN: Australia's border with Melbourne's two most populous states, New South Wales and Victoria, will be closed as new cases of the virus spread in Melbourne, Australian officials said Monday. The first during a pandemic.

According to Kyodo News published on July 6, 2020, Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said the border would be closed at 11:59 pm on Tuesday after his state record. 127 new infections have been reported in the past 24 hours. This figure is the largest day-to-day increase in the state in confirmed cases since the epidemic began.

Andrews said at a press conference that closing the border is one that I think is a smart need, which is right now because of the key challenges we face in carrying the virus.

Andrews said the closure was a joint decision between leaders of the two states as well as Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Also on Monday, the state of Victoria confirmed that a man is 90 years old and a man in his 60s has died, bringing the death toll to 106. Update: October