Svay Rieng Province: Suspected Bid Road Improvement Project BidAn unusual 205-meter-long cable broke the story of the tea-sharing business with eight companies, but only after the auction. Five unofficial tenders agree to submit bids, and only three companies submit bids for leaks Separate tea, exchange not submit bid.
The auction for the improvement of the 205-meter-long concrete pavement was held this morning on June 24, 2020 at Svay Dao commune. Svay Rieng City, Svay Rieng Province.

According to the SvayTu commune council, the SvayTu commune is planning to upgrade 205 meters of paved concrete road to 205 meters wide. M015 m thick, the estimated cost is 80,428,900 riel. There are only 8 companies that have registered to bid on the auction, but only 3 companies have submitted their bids Expensive in SvayTu commune.

First bidder) Sokun Phan, representative of Sokun Sambath, bid 80,155,000 riels (low price acceptable). Secondly, the name of Mony Mony Udom, the Monyun Company, bid 80,360,000 KHR (unacceptably high) 3) Un Virak, representative of Theng Vannathheath 666, bid 80,257,500 Riel (high fees are not acceptable). Therefore, the auctioneer is Sokun Sambath with a low price of 80,155,000 riels.

However, an anonymous observer revealed that the bidding was wrong, with a split in the price of tea. With each company getting 2 million riels, the money is distributed in front of the commune office. And on the morning of June 24, 2020, two bids were canceled for one auction.

The first project was to construct a 160-meter-wide drainage tank with a diameter of 0.60 meters and an estimated cost of 44,033,000 Riels. There are 3 auction companies, 1) Auctioneer named Hout Hak, has submitted more than 33 million bids but its own. No bid rights on company card. Secondly, the name of Chandina is more than 44 million KHR. Thirdly, the name of Hakalin, representative of the Hak Leakina Company, was auctioned over 44 million. However, after examining the name of the landlord, the auctioneer (Chea Roth) was not listed on the company name
The Procurement Commission clears a later bid.

Secondly, the project of repairing a concrete road of 290 meters long by 4 meters wide by 0.15 meters thick, estimated cost of 151,066,600 riels; . The company has submitted four bids: 1, the auctioneer, Sarin Nai, 555 representative of Sokun Sambath, bid 118,900,000 riels. 2. Name of Yasovanin, Representative of Sambath Sambath Trading for KHR 140,000,400. 3. Name of Hakalin Company Representative Hak Leakena Tenders 130,500,000 Riel 4. Son Chantra, So Chan Dara's bid for 98,600,000 riels (low price is acceptable) But auction participants say there are more than 10 companies offering bids, but outside consultants say No bid, wait for water company $ 200 to $ 400, result was disappointed beyond the deadline Submissions by 8:10 am have been rejected by the project owner. In addition, there is one project at the Trabek Trabek commune with 506 meters with 0.60 meters with 0.60 meters across, cost approximately 110,891,900. Riel.

And according to auction participants, the auctioned by the auctioneer was only over 75 million riels As low as 50%, which experts say is as low as 50%, is difficult to verify Candle

By: Waiko