One assassin, an officer in Unit 70, has a rank of Brigadier General After shooting his girlfriend, he was a fugitive until February 6, authorities had not yet been arrested, while Mr. Pich Soth claimed that I did not want to intervene. Technically, the force of the kingdom is fair, but if I do not say it, it is tight
In my chest it almost broke because the implementation of the law was not transparent, creating injustice on the victims.

Pich Prasid, president of the CPP and a member of the Advisory and Advisory Council on February 6, 2020, wrote in a Facebook post: “Of course I do not want to spoil the promotion Police force justice, but if I do not say it, it is almost in my heart because the law does not apply. Transparency is created The perversion of justice on victims and society as a whole, and the murder weapon used
The fiancée was extremely violent and would reflect the use of firearms without proper law, so the officer Justice Police Shouldn't Keep Illegal Offenses Long This Worse Khmer Citizens
Their law enforcement and personal security, due to the fact that the killers are free
Free the tigers to walk in the village, people are still living there. I do not believe that the power of justice can be traced to a murderer because of the appearance and identity of a criminal. It was made public and why not the killers or the killers
Are you rich or powerful? "

“Once again, I would like to urge General Neth Savoeun to expedite his arrest,” he said.
Murderers put pen to paper promptly to heat up the Khmer and Vietnamese people.
Law enforcement, transparency and justice as well as justice for victims and victims' families. ”

Please note that a beautiful medical student was murdered by a man at 12:10 pm at midnight. Accessed January 17, 2020 at the H-03 BT Road in Borey Rompol
Odem, Sangkat Kant, Khan Kambol, Phnom Penh.

The victim, identified as Chun Dina, a 26-year-old female student of the Asian Institute of Science and an online cosmetics seller who was staying at the scene, died while being sent to the hospital for treatment. By mid-way. The suspect, Yann Vandeth, about 30 years old as an officer in Unit 70, had a rank of Lieutenant Colonel after shooting his girlfriend as a medical student and doing a number of online sales. Two of them, who lost their life when sent to hospital and escaped, took the opportunity to post on Facebook that the nation was wrong. Even people I loved it but couldn't take it. You will try to celebrate the Kulon Julian Festival by: Columbus