Svay Rieng Province: Mr. Chum Hat, Chairman of Provincial Council and Mr. Men The Governor of Svay Rieng Province on the morning of 8th June, 2020 presided over the Dissemination and launching of Health Department of Administration Provincial Hall.

Chum Hat, Chairman of the Provincial Council, said that on behalf of the provincial administration, congratulate the launching of the health department of the administration. Provinces will fully support the transfer of financial resources, human resources and structure of Provincial Health Department under the administration of Svay Rieng Province The implementation of D&D is the transfer of authority and responsibility of the Ministry of Health to the provincial administration, which is the implementation of the Royal Government's policy. The Cambodian government, in particular, is moving people closer to the people in contributing to the well-being of the people.

Men Vibol, governor of the province, confirmed that the announcement was aimed at disseminating and providing guidance to key leaders of provincial administration. Including the Director of the Provincial Health Department on the official start of implementation of its role and duties in the management, management and delivery of health services to the people. Citizens in their jurisdiction are effective, transparent, accountable in accordance with new rules, procedures and procedures as set out in relevant legal norms And the transfer of functions in the health sector to the provincial administration.

He added that based on the new management system, the council and the board of governors will become accountable to the government and citizens in the jurisdiction. Its performance results related to the delivery of health services are based on health sector strategic planning policies. At the same time, it is accountable and accountable to councils and governors to oversee the management, technical support and monitoring of service delivery. The health, which was handed over to the provincial and provincial administrations as well as the Svay Rieng provincial administration, was announced this morning.

The governor has asked provincial health leaders at all levels as well as medical officials to continue to focus on patient care and ethics. Qualifications for doing good for the people.

By: Waiko