Phnom Penh: The Asia Foundation, in collaboration with Smart, has developed a children's book entitled "How Do I Feel?" To produce 10 children's books, the focus is on understanding children's emotions and responses in different situations, especially during epidemics. Kovid's disease 19.

According to a press release on January 17, the book states: "Storybooks will help children to understand their emotions. And response. ” Children need to understand and control their emotions, especially during the unprecedented global epidemic of Kovid 19 Come on.

They will present situations and problems that young children can read, learn, understand, and make decisions about in response to situations. Different. Understanding emotions and responding to different situations is at the heart of human development and their learning.

Meloney C. Lindberg, Asia Foundation Country Representative, Says Understanding Children's Emotions and Responses in Different Situations Top 5 interrelated areas include self-awareness, self-control, social awareness, communication skills and responsible decision-making Yes.

"So every title of the 10 children's storybooks includes these points," she said. She gave an example of one of the 10 stories that made up the story, "I'm Afraid" about a child. Name Dara who does not dare to go to school on her own. Dara goes to school with her sister every day. But one day, Dara's sister was sick and Dara did not have the confidence to go to school on her own.

Dara said: "You do not go to school with me? What if I go to school alone and other children hurt me? What if I go alone and the other kids come together to get my money or my cake? But I want to learn … but … ” "So this will help children calm down their fears and help them develop strategies to build trust," she said. Theirs.

According to Meloney C. Lindberg, to show readers better understanding of emotions and responses in different situations and to promote creativity and Imagination The author uses characters, techniques and methods in writing new and different to attract the reader.

She said that in the initial process of producing these books, the Asia Foundation's Let's Read project selected 10 authors and provided courses. Train them on writing children's storybooks. Authors are supported and mentored by local editors who are experienced and skilled in producing children's books.

Koam Tiva, Head of Public Affairs at Smart, said Smart believes reading helps children learn about their potential. Of them. That is why Smart is partnering with the Asia Foundation to increase reading habits among Cambodian children through this book production program. .

"Through the story of the characters in the storybook, the child can adapt to his community, as well as Manage your negative emotions as well.