The University of Asia Europe announces the recruitment of PhD and Master's Degrees on July 16, 2020, with internationally renowned and experienced PhDs.

Applications will be accepted from this date until 15 July 2020. For pre-registration, the discount will be $ 300, while alumni of Asia Europe University and civil servants offer a 50% discount (for 200 places only).

Selected undergraduate majors include: 1-Information Technology, 2-Science Education, 3-Teaching English, 4-Business Administration, 5- Law, 6- Public Administration, 7- International Relations, 8- Science Politics, 9- Hotel and Tourism Management, 10- Marketing and 11 Banking and Finance.
Selected doctorates include: 1- Law, 2-Science Education, 3- Agricultural Economics, 4- Economics Science, 5- Business Administration, 6- Public Administration 7- International Relations and 8- Political Science.

Please note that in the context of Kovid 19 and in the context of Buddhist society in the fourth industrial era, Asia Europe University has been training undergraduate and PhD students using digital (E-Learning). High quality personalization.

As mentioned above, all students are welcome to register as soon as possible.
Contact details: Tel: 015 72 00 72, 017 799 889 ៕