Japanese Kyodo correspondent says Asean leaders have agreed on Friday to meet President Donald Trump in Las Vegas in mid-March, despite expressing their disapproval. Mr. Trump was absent at the ASEAN Summit in Bangkok last November.

However, Kyodo news correspondent Kyodo Japan wrote on Facebook, however, it is not yet known whether Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir, the strongest man in Asia, will attend. The 10-member ASEAN has only expressed frustration with Mr Trump and has said he will not visit Mr Trump at the party. The US-ASEAN summit will be held next week.

Mahathir did not like Trump, but he liked George W. Bush from the same Republican party. In 2002, President Bush agreed to meet with Mahathir once after Malaysia paid some US lobbying companies to arrange a meeting with Bush.

While the Washington Post wrote that he had hired a lobbyist in Washington with a heritage fund to persuade the White House to approve the visit, a report claimed that the cost of lobbying activities was approximately $ 1.3 billion. United States of America