Phnom Penh: Prak Sokhon, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and other ASEAN Foreign Ministers will meet with the Foreign Minister of the United Kingdom on Wednesday. This is to exchange experiences on the response to Kovid 19.

At the meeting, ASEAN and British Ministers will discuss economic recovery plans after the 19-crisis Kovid, as well as ways to Promote relations and cooperation in all areas of common interest, as well as discussions on regional and global issues of common concern.

A statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: "This video conference will be a step towards Towards a future direction for promoting ASEAN-UK relations and cooperation in the context of the global challenges of 19 communicable diseases "Unprecedented and Britain's exit from the European Union."

The United Kingdom and ASEAN have been partners for more than 40 years and have been working together on political issues in the past. Economic, social and cultural security.

After leaving the EU in late January 2020, the United Kingdom wants the country to become a dialogue partner with ASEAN like the United States. China, Canada and Japan to deepen ties with these countries, which will open up new opportunities in trade, education, science and technology. Security. In terms of bilateral trade cooperation between Cambodia and the United Kingdom, the two countries are looking at the possibility of establishing a bilateral free trade agreement. Parties (FTA) together.

Trade volume between the two countries has steadily increased, such as in 2019, the bilateral trade volume reached 1.05 billion US dollars. Cambodia's exports of garments, footwear, bicycles and rice to the UK market amounted to $ 978 million.

In the case of Kovid, the Ministry of Health has declared that Cambodia is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the countries. A small number that can better control 19 cases of Kovid, which has so far not been transmitted into the community.

As of September 29, Cambodia had detected a total of 277 cases of Kovid, about 86% of which were imports, of which 275 people were cured, which is more than 99% and no deaths.

Yesterday, the Ministry reported a new case against a Chinese man who was traveling from the Philippines on a flight to South Korea. Arrived in Cambodia on September 27. The man was tested positive on September 28, while the other 101 passengers, 55 of whom were Cambodians, were tested. Negative test results were performed at hotels and some at Pochentong Secondary School.