Phnom Penh: After Asean leaders agree to attend the ASEAN-US Special Summit on March 14, 2020, in a two-day summit of January 16-17 in Vietnam. ASEAN Foreign Ministers discussed the process of attending the meeting.

Following the announcement of the result of the ASEAN Foreign Ministers' Retreat (AMM Retreat), January 16-17, in Nha Trang, Vietnam, Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister Prak Sokhon informed the narrow meeting of priorities. Cambodia in ASEAN for 2020. As the ASEAN Security Policy pillar, the Deputy Prime Minister stated that as a country that initiates and hosts the ASEAN Regional Center for Mine Action, Cambodia is always committed to helping the Center to function fully and effectively in enhancing its development. Understand the impact of the war on war and encouraged by the Center Dale has made significant progress in building institutional capacity and expanding the process by 2019.

The Deputy Prime Minister stressed that the linkage of ASEAN with the ASEAN Dialogue Partners is fundamental to the building of the ASEAN Community and the ASEAN's centrality. He also informed the ASEAN-New Zealand Leaders' Meeting on April 9, 2020, following the 36th ASEAN Summit in Danang, Vietnam.

"The ASEAN Foreign Ministers discussed the US proposal to host the ASEAN-US Special Summit on March 14, 2020 in Las Vegas, USA," he said.

The ASEAN Foreign Ministers supported Vietnam's theme of "cohesiveness and responsiveness" as chair of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations this year and five key priorities to promote the building of the ASEAN Community. The ASEAN Foreign Ministers noted key achievement documents put forward by Vietnam as the Chair of ASEAN, in line with previous ASEAN chairmen's efforts to achieve the goal of building the ASEAN Community.

The ASEAN Foreign Ministers also adopted a forward-looking approach, initiating discussions on the ASEAN Community's vision after 2025 and areas of importance to ASEAN integration, including promoting trade and investment in the region, sound development. Sustainable Asean connectivity, digital economy and rapid technological development In the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Smart City, Cyber ​​Security, Women's Enhancement and Gender Equality, Climate Change, Transnational Smog and other Non-traditional Security Issues

2020 is an important year for ASEAN-UN cooperation and marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. In this regard, the ASEAN Foreign Ministers supported the proposal of Vietnam, the President of the ASEAN, 2020 and the Chairman of the UN Security Council for January 2020 to prepare the ASEAN to inform the UN Security Council. From the theme “Cooperation between the United Nations and regional and sub-regional organizations in care International peace and security: the role of ASEAN, "in January 2020 in New York.

The ASEAN Foreign Ministers also exchanged views on a number of emerging regional and international issues, emphasizing the following:

• The ASEAN Foreign Ministers noted the progress of Myanmar-Bangladesh dialogue on the process of repatriation of displaced persons in Rakhine State. The ASEAN Foreign Ministers also appreciated the efforts of the Secretary-General of ASEAN to lead the implementation of the preliminary needs assessment and looked forward to the comprehensive implementation of the needs assessment. ASEAN Foreign Ministers expressed ASEAN's readiness to support the rapid, safe and orderly repatriation process. • For the South China Sea, the ASEAN Foreign Ministers highlighted the progress of cooperation. ASEAN-China operations and consultations, especially concluding the roundtable discussion 1 and begin to discuss the 2nd round one of the draft negotiating text of the Code of Conduct in the South China Sea. The ASEAN Foreign Ministers emphasized the importance of implementing the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC) fully, efficiently and effectively.

• The ASEAN Foreign Ministers expect to sign the Comprehensive Regional Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) this year that will further contribute to regional economic growth and prosperity.

Japan's Kyodo news correspondent said that ASEAN leaders agreed on Friday to meet President Donald Trump in Las Vegas in mid-March, despite their recent comments Mr Trump was absent at the ASEAN summit in Bangkok last November.

However, it is not yet known whether Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir, one of the strongest men in Asia, will attend because of the 10 ASEAN leaders. Only Mahathir expressed his disapproval of Mr Trump and said he would not meet with Mr Trump at the ASEAN-AM special summit. No.

Mahathir did not like Trump, but he liked George W. Bush from the same Republican party. In 2002, President Bush agreed to meet with Mahathir once after Malaysia paid some US lobbying companies to arrange a meeting with Bush.

The Washington Post, meanwhile, has hired lobbyists in Washington through a heritage fund to persuade the White House to approve the visit. The cost of lobbying activities is estimated at $ 1.3 billion, the report claims.

By: Khada