Kampot: As of July 8, 2020, the Bank for Rural and Agricultural Development has received more than 350 loan applications, totaling more than $ 37 million from 50 special government financing projects. Million USD.

Continuing to disseminate credit policies and procedures under the US $ 50 million Special Government Financing Scheme to communities, poultry, fish, vegetable and fruit growers and small and medium enterprises. Agro-industry and agriculture in Kampot province to be able to expand their business and improve their production chain with the aim of creating more jobs, enhancing competitiveness and expanding the local production base for both export and reduction Imports at a time when the Cambodian economy faces some of the challenges of COVID-19 and EBA. Mr. Kao Thach informed his farmers that cultivation of vegetables and aquaculture in the promotion of credit policy and special credit procedures under the Royal Government's Financing Program as of July 8, 2020 Agriculture has received more than 350 loan applications for a total of more than $ 37 million from the $ 50 million Government Special Financing Scheme.

Therefore, Mr. Kao Thach continues to request and encourage his family to apply for loan application in the program to the Bank for Rural Development and Agriculture in case of any need to expand their business.

At the same time, he requested the local authorities to continue promoting this special program to the people so that they could get credit for this special program.

At the same time, Mr. Koch Thach shared some good experiences about growing, harvesting, harvesting and marketing information to give new knowledge and laid the groundwork for consideration in expanding your business. In addition, HE Kao Thach, Director General of the Bank for Rural Development and Agriculture, has also requested that farmers, fish and poultry farmers have a clear plan to grow the crop, to be ready to supply the market as needed and to participate. Reduce imports from neighboring countries.

He also thanked the Kampot administration for facilitating the meeting on the promotion of low interest credit policy under the Government's special program to the occasion.

Finally, Mr. Koch Thak allowed for Q&A sessions and requests to the banks and authorities.

Also present on the occasion were the speakers from Mr. Pouli, Deputy Governor, HE Cheav Tay, Governor of Kampot Provincial Council, General Department of Agriculture, General Department of Animal Health and Animal Production, and representatives from Fisheries Administration.