Phnom Penh: Miss Reth Sarita, a young presenter with a bright complexion and a fresh smile, is becoming very popular Speaking ability is not inferior to the older arts, especially to speak English fluently, there is Very confident in the upcoming Miss Universe Cambodia 2020 pageant.

After announcing to the public on July 19, 2020 through Miss Universe Cambodia that Will enter the competition and now the 24-year-old presenter has been preparing to train hard Well. Many of the young actress' abilities through her personal social media are making the masses happy. Very interested in the activity of exercising regularly with the appearance to be more beautiful and Especially on the beauty image is also more beautiful than before.

However, after seeing the activities of this little girl, she worked hard in this international competition. Makes fans want to see her ability on stage even more because she really deserves it. And capabilities in this program.

It should also be noted that despite being young, Reth Sarita has many years of experience in the arts. This one has been so long ago that she has confidence in competing for the title of Miss.