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Libyan artillery shells from several front lines are in the east, according to Reuters. The city of Tripoli can be heard on the night of January 19th, while in Berlin on that day there is a meeting The top one seeks to find the exit of the conflict in Libya.

The leaders of the powers that met in Berlin, capital of Germany, on January 19 announced From strengthening the anti-Libyan arms embargo in hopes of achieving a lasting ceasefire.

Major General Khalifa Hafata, the eastern Libyan strongman whose army has been operating since April An offensive on Tripoli attended the conference but did not meet with the head of the UN-recognized government. Internationally, Faye al-Sarah.

In a final statement, the leaders of the countries attending the meeting called for a permanent ceasefire. All participants pledged to abandon interference in the country. Excerpt from the website: yahoo (Edited by: Bopha)