Chamkar Mon district police chief said on the night of February 21By 2020, the Tonle Bassac Administration and Administration Division of the Patrol Department Monk detained six suspects in connection with the robbery in front of Kara Saing Pty (PTT), head of Norodom Boulevard, located in the Bassac River, Khan Chamkar Morn, Phnom Penh The whole of the night, February 21, 2020 at 22:54 pm.

The arrest of the six suspects follows the introduction of National Security Commander-in-Chief General Neth Savoeun, Lieutenant General. Seth, Deputy Inspector General and Commissioner of the Royal Phnom Penh Municipality.

Colonel Yin San, Inspector General of the Chamkarmon Police Inspectorate, said that the suspects were strong. His blog and post have the following names: 1. Chantha November, Male Male Khmer Occupation No 2. Name Sor Chandara, Male Khmer No Occupation. Name: Sour Chan July, Khmer Nationality, Khmer Occupation None. Name: Khuon, Male, Khmer, Occupation no. 5. Sokha Virak, male son of Khmer nationals, tattoo artist. Name of Nong Ratana National Male Khmer Occupation REMOVAL INVESTIGATIONS: 1. Honda 1 C, 5 black, 2020 black, middle license plate 1AH-9763 (victim's) . One motorbike, Honda Honda 125 black, bearing license plate Kampong Cham 1D-9549. 01 Honda Motor 125 Black Black Plot No. Kampong Cham 1T-1445. 4 motorcycles, 1 Honda Honda 12 5, black white, white Scotch wearing number plate, 1HI-5954.

Following the completion of the consultation and based on the volunteer experience, the competent authority of the Inspector General of Police has established a case. To dispatch the six suspects to the Phnom Penh Municipal Court, the procedure is being pursued. By: Columbus