Oddar Meanchey: With the coordination of the Provincial Administrative Provincial Department of Agriculture and Oddar Meanchey on the afternoon of June 5, 2020, Mr. Kao Thach, Director General of the Bank for Rural and Agriculture Development, and his colleagues continued to promote credit policy and credit terms under the financing program. Special Government $ 50 Million to Community Fisheries, Livestock, Fish, Vegetable and Fruits and Small and Medium Enterprises Enterprises in Agriculture, Agro-Industry, and Agriculture

The program, presided over by Mr. Pen Kosol, Oddar Meanchey Provincial Governor, Mr. Sithip Sith, Chairman of the Council, and Mr. Kao Thach, Director General of the Bank for Rural and Agricultural Development, continued to promote the government's special credit policy of US $ 50 million and the Legislature. How to get the loan that the Royal Government has dropped through the Bank for Rural and Agricultural Development to provide to farmers for growing vegetables, fruits, fish, poultry and small and medium sized enterprises in agricultural products, agriculture and industry Agriculture to be able to expand its business and improve its value chain with the goal of creating more jobs, strengthening competitiveness and expanding the local production base for both export and import reduction. During the period when the Cambodian economy was facing some of the challenges of COVID-19 and EBA.

Noting that Oddar Meanchey province is a potential agricultural land with a large and fertile land, Mr. Kao Thach continues to encourage his farmers to join together in clear production groups and improve quality production. And there are standards in particular to plan the proper cultivation and stages in order to simplify the market and avoid over-harvesting, which causes prices to fall.

In particular, market issues, banks, rural development, and agriculture are ready to help link producers to buyers. In this case, if you have sufficient qualifications and meet the requirements, the bank will help to clear the loan on time to help accelerate the process of increasing and expanding your business.

Mr. Kao Thach has requested the Provincial Department of Agriculture to continue providing technical assistance to the farmers and to the local authorities, the district governor, would like to disseminate this special package to local farmers.

Taking the opportunity, Mr. Koch Thach addressed the questions raised by the brothers and gave them warm and friendly communication.