Kompong Thom: With the coordination of the Provincial Hall of Kompong Thom on the afternoon of June 3, 2020, Mr. Kao Thach, Director General of the Bank for Rural and Agricultural Development, and his colleagues continued to promote credit policy and credit terms under the Special Financing Program. The Government of the Government of Cambodia provides $ 50 million to farmers, livestock, fish, vegetable and fruit farmers and small and medium enterprises in agricultural, agro-industrial and agricultural sectors in Kampong Thom.

The dissemination program includes: 1. Disseminating the credit and loan terms under the $ 50 million Government Special Financing Program to the community, livestock, fish, growing vegetables, fruits and small businesses. And medium in agricultural products, agribusiness and agriculture.

Promoting the decision of the Royal Government of Cambodia under the wise leadership of Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia decided to revamp the special $ 50 million financing program through the Bank for Rural Development and Agriculture. To facilitate access to this special financing loan from the bank.

In addition, Mr. Kao Thach, Director General of the Bank for Rural Development and Agriculture, requested that farmers, fish and poultry farmers have a clear plan for planting, a proper breeding plan for market supply and a sustainable way to contribute to the reduction. Import from neighboring countries. In case of collateral, the Director General asks you to come together as a group or an agricultural community for easy access to credit from the Rural Development Bank and Agriculture.

He also asked the farmers to increase their standard domestic production and reduce the use of chemical fertilizers to meet market demand. During this period, the Cambodian economy faced a number of challenges due to Ivory 19 and EBA problems.

After the presentation, Mr. Kao Thach, Managing Director of the Bank for Rural Development and Agriculture, answered and asked questions of the farmers in a friendly and friendly manner.

It should be highlighted that this program was also attended by Mr. Preap Ratha, Deputy Governor of Provincial Governor HE Sok Lo, Deputy Governor of Kampong Thom Province, Mr. Hav Piseth, Deputy Director General of Fisheries Administration
Representatives of the General Directorate of Animal Health and Veterinary Production, as well as members of the Deputy Provincial Governors, District Governors and specialists around the province.

The Bank for Rural and Agricultural Development informs handicraft owners, owners of small and medium enterprises in the processing of agricultural products, agribusiness and agriculture, except small and medium enterprises in the rice sector that require credit for expansion. For more information, please contact: 099 21222229/012 7063636/0777 759159.