Siem Reap: Millions of cubic meters of water are stored by the APSARA Authority in reservoirs in the Angkor resort area after There has been a series of rains due to the effects of storms from the surrounding area in recent days. This reservoir, in addition to serving the preservation of the temple, is also for use in Siem Reap and farming in the coming dry season. .

Deputy Director of the Water Management Department of the APSARA Authority, Phoeun Sokhim, told the Post yesterday that his team was currently working to contain the water. Enough at Angkor Wat, Sin Thom, Angkor Thom, North Baray, Western Baray and dams to supply Upcoming dry season. The reservoir is partly to preserve the temple and partly to be distributed to local people. For use in the coming dry season.

Phoeun Sokhim said: “The water situation in the rainy season this year is good for officials to collect stock at the baray and Kasinthu. In the Angkor area, which needs more than 100 million cubic meters of water to support the temple and conservation work in the dry season.

The water that the APSARA Authority has stored during this rainy season is enough and the world is avoiding this water Along the ancient waterways that the Apsara Authority has restored in the past along the Puok River, Siem Reap River and so on.

Mr. Sokhim added that after the APSARA Authority prepares to restore the ancient irrigation system, the water management work is easy, especially to avoid rain. To flood the Angkor area and in Siem Reap like a few years ago. This water avoidance work was carried out by water experts of APSARA Authority to drain some rivers and canals. .

According to the Apsara Authority, the first step is to save water to support the ancient temple because the temple needs water and the other part is to save For one year use in the whole city of Siem Reap, while the other part is to irrigate about 10,000 hectares of dry rice and Rice also chases water.

At the same time, the water stored in the baray is guaranteed to the water utility to the consumers below because the authorities can know the level of Provided by this work he makes every year a recurring use that allows him and his team to know in advance.

Som Tola, a 35-year-old souvenir seller in the Siem Reap night market, told the Post yesterday that he always praised the group. The work of APSARA Authority that has taken into account the people in this city, especially the maintenance of Angkor Wat and other temples by conserving water Every year, not to be short of.

"People do not have large reservoirs to store water for the whole year, but we are lucky to have a team," he said. The Apsara Authority has collected water to supply the people to use, never short of every year.

Mr. Phoeun Sokhim said that after the APSARA Authority rehabilitated the ancient irrigation system, the water management work was particularly easy. Avoid rain to flood the Angkor area and in Siem Reap. The water diversion work of the water experts of the APSARA Authority has drained down rivers and canals.