Siem Reap: Kandal Srah Srang temple built in the reign of Jayavarman VII The 12th century, representing the Mount Preah Sonu, began construction on this morning of March 20 by experts from the Apsara Authority and Private sector funding.

On March 20, 2020, Dr. Hang Peak, Director General of Apsara Authority and associates inspected the site of the Kandal Srah Srang Temple, whose team was working The Department of Conservation of the Temple in the Angkor Archaeological Park and the Archeological Park presided over the closing ceremony of the dam to explore the structure of the temple. The repair process.

The Director General said that the restoration of Kandal Sras Temple was undertaken by the Apsara Authority and the contribution of the private sector. Generously funded by Oknha Seang Chan Heng, CEO of Heng Development Company, after she helped build a dam in Angkor. .

He added that the project to restore the temple was to preserve and honor the heritage of the ancestors. The Kandal Srah Srang temple is the site of King Jayavarman VII's activities when he arrived here. In particular, this research piece seeks to find out exactly what form of temple to repair properly, as it has not yet been written. In any foreign language, this is the case. By: Wisdom