Cambodia's Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen has sent a message: On February 8, 2020, this is the day of Mecca, a very important festival. The most in Buddhism, the state religion.

The cremation is commemorated on the day when His Majesty announced the formation of the Buddha in India. 588 years before the Emperor on the 15th day of the month, after nine months of enlightenment.

Samdech stated that Buddhism has not only made our country people united with us in peace. Not only mental but also important in the strengthening of order, peace, social stability and development. Develops in all fields and preserves other national identities.

Blessings to His Majesty and best of luck to all in the country.

Buddhist ceremonies are important rituals in Buddhism, which include the Sacrifice of the Sacrifice, the Ascension, and the Vedanta. The cremation is celebrated to commemorate the day when the Buddha proclaimed the birth of Buddhism in India in 588 BCE on the 15th day of the Christian month. Only after nine months of enlightenment of God. The establishment of Buddhism as a religious organization is made up of 1,250 monks, members of the General Assembly, who came from all walks of life. . At the convention, His Majesty announced 11 principles for all members of the General Assembly to be a way of life and to share it with others. From Buddhism. These 11 principles are called 'Bodhisattvas', which Buddhists must study and understand as follows:

Purpose: The purpose of Buddhism, or the purpose of individual Buddhists, is to seek nirvana, which means that the chaplaincy is not grievous, no matter in the heart In its own sense, the word nirvana is synonymous with "peace" which means "peace." We can say that the purpose of Buddhism is to establish peace in the heart as well as the basis of peace in the society in which it lives. Buddhism is an effort to create personal peace and to contribute to social and world peace is a compulsory obligation. Every student must work hard to achieve this.
Purpose: Peace or naught does not occur by prayer or prayer, nor can it be caused by the loving or compassionate giving of the deity or God. Owning any one, this peace is borne out of the actions of three acts:
Do not do bad, get rid of evil, get rid of evil and prevent all kinds of evil from happening in your life. "The word" said
Doing good creates good things and keeps the good in daily life, both physically and mentally.
Encourage the root of the action by getting rid of all the perspicacious germs or diseases until the pure heart is free from evil. .

Hopefully, each of us can take advantage of this day to celebrate the day of our charisma and meditation. To dedicate and commemorate the merits of the Buddha, who has created Buddhism for us to live for all of us.