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Battambang: Some residents in Samlaut are still risking their lives with the remainder of the deadly war remnants Buried in the forest due to exploitation of forest byproducts in the area's former battleground.

In fact, on the afternoon of April 10, a citizen named Heang Sothea, a 17-year-old male from Chork Roka village, Samut commune, Sam district Landmines trampled on 'Mount Horses' in the village of Chuk Roka village, Samlot commune Right when looking for fruit
In the jungle there was a lot of noise. According to authorities, the victim trampled on a "landmine" bomb that was a waste from This is not the first time that people have been exposed to homelessness in the "Roping Mountain" area. Upon this.

But because of poor living conditions, some people still risk their lives to face the most dangerous areas, even though they are It has been heard that the area is full of war remnants scattered over the forest and buried. Still in the ground.

Please note that on the morning of March 24, there was a resident named Hak, a 39-year-old male from Khuo village together. Above, he trampled the same mine near the "horse cart" as the victim explored the chestnut We are there to sell to the merchants. The victim suffered serious right foot injuries, which some sources claim could lead to surgery. Also.

According to local authorities, there is currently ammunition left in the mountainous terrain. No remains buried in the ground or scattered in the forests of the area where the remnants of war await. Take a human life all the time. Residents living near the area also learned that the area was full of dangerous landmines.

But some people are still at risk, despite the fact that authorities and officials often call for it Explore the jungle in the danger zone. However, people should think about putting their lives at risk for these dangerous mines.