The Ministry of Commerce announces legal action In the case of opportunistic rogue detection
Trade surplus rises as Cambodia under attack from Corona virus attacks opportunists Rising prices such as masks and alcohol and other goods.

The Ministry of Commerce has issued a call for market prices in the Kingdom of Cambodia. According to a March 9 appeal, the Ministry of Commerce has found that a few shops have taken advantage of rising prices, such as masks. Fingers and other goods, which in turn cause serious social unrest. In this regard, the Ministry of Commerce has asked general store owners to adhere to the spirit of national solidarity, not to take advantage of the choice of goods.

The Ministry of Commerce has confirmed that after the Ministry of Health announced at a press conference on the discovery of the case of HIV / AIDS on a Cambodian man in Siem Reap province The Ministry of Commerce has observed that major department store owners, traders, and general merchandise keep prices up and continue selling at regular prices. Though Some people went shopping more erratic. The Ministry of Commerce would like to express its appreciation and encouragement to the shop owners and their businessmen.

In the meantime, a small number of department stores have taken the opportunity to raise prices such as masks, alcohol, hand washing and other essentials. These activities can lead to social unrest.

In this situation, the Ministry of Commerce would like to inform and call on you to be aware that the existing unmilled rice and rice stocks in the country can be guaranteed Market: Local consumption and export abroad. May the people please maintain an undisturbed momentum so that opportunists can profit by selling unreasonably high prices The equation. General store owners adhere to the spirit of Khmer solidarity, do not take advantage of the price increase. In case of a malfunction, the competent authorities will take legal action.

Please also inform that the Ministry of Commerce has been cooperating with other institutions to take appropriate measures to ensure the general merchandise traffic and food supply. Necessary to serve the lives of our people in this circumstance. The Ministry of Commerce will dispatch expert officials in collaboration with relevant authorities to conduct research and check the quality of goods and to introduce legal measures in case of a fraud detection. On the occasion of the sale of goods, the prices are exceedingly high.

The Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia strongly hopes that the shop owners, our customers, our business people, and our citizens will comply with this appeal. We also have to show Khmer-Khmer spirit to help Khmer people under the peaceful roof that our people are enjoying. By: Kolab