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Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Tourism is cooperating with key stakeholders, DC-Cam, to research and organize the Anlong Veng area from the former bloody battlefield Be a tourist attraction for both local and international tourists.

Recently, during an interview with the Koh Santepheap Agency, Chho Chour, Director of the Ministry of Tourism's Tourism Development Department, said Cambodia was Natural cultural tourism destination, but also linked to historical tourist destination because Cambodia has experienced history. Only bitter for decades. In fact, Anlong Veng was the last bloody battle ground between the Royal Government of Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge, and was a stronghold. The famous Khmer Rouge commander was Ta Mok.

In view of the historical tourism potential of the area, the Royal Government of Cambodia has decided in principle to determine the four main areas of Anlong Veng It includes museums, Ta Mok houses, stone warehouses and Anlong Veng lakes, as well as a number of sites in the area. Pursuant to the decision, the Ministry of Tourism, as chair of the Inter-Ministerial Commission, has collaborated with the Documentation Center of Youk Chhang and local authorities to establish Explore and organize the Anlong Veng area as a historical tourist site.

The area of ​​Anlong Veng could be considered the last battle of the former Khmer Rouge commander after the win-win policy, Chuk Tien said. Cambodia's Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen completes the bloody war of 1998 in Anlong Veng The battlefield area is full of moments Unexploded ordnance ammunition becomes a development area of ​​all kinds, and this should become a historic tourist attraction. Be more attractive.

The Anlong Veng area is a collection of bitter historical stories that both local and international visitors want to know. That is why the Ministry of Tourism is looking to redesign the area, mainly to organize important infrastructure such as the Tamo House. A to be restored.

At the same time, we are also promoting the infrastructure in Anlong Veng Tourists of this historic site, as in previous years, have co-organized a big event Long Canyon Run under the theme «Pedestrian Retroactive history, with nearly 2,000 participants, including Cambodia and Thailand, including a number of international visitors. This year, again, is scheduled for February 7-9, expecting more visitors.

At the same time, the Ministry of National Defense plans to build another win-win memorial in Anlong Veng Expect a win-win memorial to further enhance the attraction of local and international tourists to the area. So expect more and more national and international tourists to the area.

According to Chouk Tien, the design of this historic site not only focuses on the Anlong Veng area but the main site. Many other potential tourism destinations have to be organized as well, and Cambodia has plenty to prepare for. A historical tourist site Logistical level.

Anlong Veng historical site is located in Trapaing Pranay Commune and Anlong Veng Commune, Anlong Veng District, Oddar Meanchey Province, for the purpose of preservation, environmental protection and Tourism, History, Efficiency and Sustainability The Royal Government issued Decree No. 35 ANK dated 23 March 2010 Two Anlong Veng historical sites include:

1. Area A: Located on the top of the Dangrek mountain range with 6 small historical sites Separately, there are a total of 124,636 hectares of land, including the "A1" graveyard. Land size of 1,207 hectares. Area "A2", the site of the Pol Pot dam, covers an area of ​​0.449 hectares. Area "A3", Ta Mok house, central house on the back of the Dangrek mountain, 3,025 hectares. Area "A4", a bullet-making site on 200 hills, 1,142 hectares. Area "K5", Pol Pot House, Khieu Samphan (head), with an area of ​​117,061 hectares. Site “A 6” is a 1,752 hectare mountain warehouse.

Area "B": Located on the plateau of the plateau and the Dangrek mountain with 8 distinct historical sites The total area is 431,731 hectares, which includes the "B1" site, which contains the Son Sen ghost burn site. 0.062 ha. Area “B2” sample fields with 4,812 hectares. Area “B3” is the site of the 0.23 hectare Ta Mok Transportation.

Area “K 4” Anlong Veng Long Lake which covers 417 hectares. Area “B5” Tammo Museum Tammouk Museum, which covers 1,614 hectares. Area "B6", Ta Mok Hospital, 3,632 hectares, Area "B7", Tamuk School with 4.83 Ha. Area "E8", Ta Mok Bridge, with an area of ​​0.059 hectares. (Edited by: Bopha)