Kompong Speu: Kompong Speu Provincial Police said On July 7, 2020, a joint force led by HE Sar Sopra, Deputy Governor of Kompong Speu Province, represented HE Vy Samnang, Provincial Governor and Chairman of the Committees. Provincial Unity Inspects and Moves Land Fences, Land Grabs and Slums to Build Land Ownership in National Park Area Preah Suramarith – Kuchom: "Kirirom", a protection order issued by the Royal Decree of Neak Peak Ovaek Commune, Chambok Commune, Phnom Sruoch District, Kampong Speu Province.

“Currently, a number of de facto militia groups are engaged in land grabbing, regardless of what is being called. It is legal to mobilize people from faraway lands and give money by lying and claims to secure a crackdown on law enforcement. Relevant skills.

He said, “The implementation of the law and order of the provincial unity committee has removed some of the fence around the land and some of the slums and asked for suggestions. Blessings of Citizens Tragedy, Incitement to Conduct Illegal Land Grabbing Must Stop By taking into account the problem, law enforcement brings guilt upon themselves and their families. ”By: Kolab