Hong Kong is one of the new contentious topics in the Asia-Pacific rivalry between China and the United States, making the two world powers less visible and less offensive. Each is getting worse.

The United States accuses China of trying to seize power and try to eradicate autonomy in Hong Kong, but George warned that Hong Kong is a territory China has repeatedly infringed on and abused.

The war between China and the United States erupted after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Friday that the US government has decided to impose sanctions on major members of the Communist Party of China by closing non-resident visas. No entry into the US.

Mike Pompeo did not specify how many Chinese Communist Party officials were punishing the US, but the Foreign Minister said that the punished Chinese Communist Party officials were unable to trample the US.

Since the outbreak of the Hong Kong protest movement, the United States has announced its support for Hong Kong democracies, accusing China of suppressing freedom of the city, violating its promise to give Hong Kong independence. Until 2047.

The US charge on China is based on a national security management plan that China plans to apply to Hong Kong, which the Hong Kong Democrats consider as a Communist Party's "authoritarian" power over the freedom that Hong Kong people enjoy. There used to be.

China's ambassador to the United States has reacted, saying that the United States is making repeated and frequent mistakes, and that the United States must immediately stop it from interfering in China's affairs.

At the same time, the Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a statement stating that, whatever the case, the Chinese government is committed to introducing necessary and robust measures to enhance security, national sovereignty, and protect Chinese interests. To lose.

The hue causes the thing

The root of this is because the US and Western allies aim to lure Hong Kong and other Chinese territories, such as Taiwan, Macau, into a more democratic and free-to-fight territory. China is full on ahead.
The strategic goal of the United States and its Western allies is to destabilize China, and if China breaks out, if China has internal conflict, or if China has a war with Hong Kong, Taiwan or Macau, China will be weak in the future. And could not compete with the US and its allies.
It should be emphasized that since World War II or after 1945, the United States and its allies have overthrown the governments of many countries in the world, repeatedly accused of human rights abuses and deprived of liberty but strategically This is no longer effective.

Conclusion: Has Hong Kong benefited from this China-US conflict?

Economists argue that the US-China conflict has not benefited Hong Kong, and the United States has lost more than China, with exports of all types of goods from Hong Kong to the United States worth more than five dollars. The United States imports more than $ 30 billion worth of goods into Hong Kong each year.

In retaliation to US sanctions, China could impose sanctions on the United States by raising U.S. import duties to Hong Kong in the future, and more than 1,300 US firms in the city may be affected by the hike. Chinese import duties.

The removal of Hong Kong's special status and sanctions on China are not the only solution, but the United States is abandoning Hong Kong and pushing it into the hands of the experts, the expert said. China is becoming even more numerous.


The impact on Hong Kong in the near future after Beijing's implementation of the national security law is inevitable: the right to free speech, autonomy, economic growth and security. Also, if the pro-democracy groups go out to protest against the law, they will be better off.

By: Ingen