A team of infectious disease experts at Sheffield University, Duke University, and Los Alamos Laboratories have released a study that confirms that the new coronavirus or Covid-19 virus has evolved to become more powerful and more infectious to humans. Three to five times faster.

239 scientists from 32 countries found that the Covid-19 virus could easily be transmitted from person to person without contact with Covid-19 and patients. That said, in a simple tone, the air will easily pass the patient's saliva to those near you.

Experts in infectious diseases at Sheffield University, Duke University and Los Alamos Laboratories studied 999 Covid-19 patients in the UK, and of the nearly 1,000 Covid-19 patients, the most. A patient carrying a new coronavirus in a newly replicated form.

The new Covid-19 virus is capable of penetrating human cells in a short period of time and can easily be transmitted to another human, compared to the new coronavirus, which was launched in Wuhan, China. As of December 31, the end of 2019.

The new Covid-19 virus can spread from person to person three to five times as fast, but the Covid-19 patient's condition is less severe and affects people, the study said. Just like before, the virus only has the ability to spread quickly.

This is why, at present, the daily new infections of the Covid-19 virus around the world have been steadily rising to between 16 and 200,000 in 24 hours and killing more than three people. To 5,000 people in the same 24-hour period, a high rate of new infections and new deaths every day at high rates.

Researchers have named the new Coronavirus or the new Covid-19 virus D614G, and the new virus is the same Covid-19 virus, just as the virus is able to spread from person to person at higher speeds. But it is not possible to kill people faster, as the effects on the human body are limited, as previously, but only faster.

The hue causes the thing
The exact cause of the new coronavirus or the Covid-19 virus has not been made clear, both by WHO's health experts and experts around the world, including Chinese experts. Also, they came to different conclusions.

Some experts say the new Corona virus or the Covid-19 virus could have originated in the wild in the Chinese market of Wuhan, as it has spread out of the wildlife market in the city, and some experts speculate. The virus is from a snake-eating snake that was brought to Wuhan market.

Erica Ollman Saphire, a researcher at the Jolla Institute for Immunology, who also participated in the study, said the new coronavirus or Covid-19 virus could develop in the future for greater replication and There can be a greater danger for humans.

CONCLUSION: What are some health professionals taking steps to prevent the spread of respiratory virus?

The WHO's infectious disease experts suggest that the only way to prevent the spread of new coronavirus or Covid-19 virus around the world is to maintain social spacing, economic closure or closure, and hygiene. The virus can be routinely eradicated.

Another point is, the world could not prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus unless scientists successfully produce a vaccine or drug to treat it. And even if the world has a vaccine or drug, the virus won't. Sure, that could be lost from the planet as well.

The Covid-19 virus has seriously affected humanity, affecting both health, economics and international relations, and if the virus persists for a long time, the consequences will be greater for the rest of the world. By: N. Jin