BEIJING, June 16 (Xinhua) – Chinese and Indian military forces battled for power on Tuesday in the border areas of the two countries with fists, batons, and rocks, but the two armies did not. Used no weapons, even with all weapons in hand.

Fighting between the armies of the two nuclear powers took place in the white or border region, which is on the Indian side of Kashmir and on the Chinese side of Xinjiang and Tibet by military forces of both countries. The two accused each other of invading their territory.

Interestingly, the armies of the two countries did not use weapons, fighting with rocks and sticks, although the military forces of both countries were armed with all kinds of heavy weapons and light weapons. Either way.

The fighting between the two armies killed 20 Indian troops and wounded several others, CNN reported, citing 43 Chinese soldiers killed. Also killed and wounded in the fighting.

Tensions on the border between China and India have intensified since early May, with troops of the two nuclear powers frequently confronting and sending thousands of additional troops. Hold the border area.

The hue causes the thing

The main reason for this is because the two sides pledged to resolve the crisis peacefully and diplomatically, after the general-level talks more than 10 days ago, India and China began the process of withdrawing their respective troops from the front line.

And it is in the process of withdrawing troops to ease tensions, where clashes erupted, causing the death and wounded officer, and the two senior military leaders are now negotiating to ease the pressure.

India and China have long had a border dispute along the Himalayas, where violent clashes have been frequent and exacerbated in recent years.

But since 1975 China and India have never had a case of weapons or artillery shelling on the border. The last major border dispute between neighboring powers took place in 1967 in the form of an armistice war in which Indian soldiers defeated the Chinese. By: Inch