Many countries in the world, especially those with modern health systems, advanced science and advanced technology, are competing with each other in the search for a vaccine to prevent the Covid-19 virus.

The Covid-19 virus broke out in Yunnan, Hubei Province, China and was officially declared by the Chinese Health Authority on December 31, 2019, before it spread around the world.

The Covid-19 vaccine is the world's only hope to eradicate the virus from the planet, which is why China, the United States, France and other countries are working to find a vaccine.

The World Health Organization says that to date, more than 200 Covid-19 vaccines have been developed, but only more than 20 have been tested in humans.

Of the more than 20 types of vaccine, it is noted that the vaccine, developed by Chinese and British scientists, is the foremost hope in human trials.

The Covid-19 vaccine is a research project by the University of Oxford, UK, in collaboration with AstraZeneca Laboratory, which is conducting the third and most effective trial in humans.

Another Covid-19 vaccine is a research project by Chinese scientists in Wuhan, co-sponsored by a well-known biotechnology company in Hong Kong.

Both Covid-19 vaccine projects have reached the third phase of human trials, with researchers testing 400 to 500 people in the first phase of the trial.

As a result, scientists have observed that the human body responds to the immune system and can respond to the immune system and develop antibodies that can activate the new coronavirus.

The new vaccine could cause white blood cells to attack T cells, and the researchers did not notice any serious side effects caused by the two vaccines in the trial.

The Covid-19 vaccine, which is being tested in both strains, is still in the testing and development phase, and researchers need more time to monitor its effectiveness.

According to The Lancet, the study on the production of the Covid-19 vaccine requires more large-scale trials to evaluate the effectiveness of the two new vaccines.

According to the journal Science, the vaccine will not be the most effective if it can be marketed in the near future.

The root causes the story

The cause is due to the fact that the Covid-19 virus has spread around the world today, with the total number of infected people jumped to more than 15.16 million as of Wednesday, July 22.

The death toll from the virus has risen to more than 620,000, while the number of people recovering from the virus has risen to more than 9.14 million worldwide.

The rise in Covid-19 outbreaks and the death toll from the virus continue unabated, and the world's hope is that only a vaccine can prevent it.

Conclusion: What if the vaccine was not yet developed?

While the Covid-19 vaccine has not yet been developed, the world will continue to suffer from the respiratory virus, with an estimated 20 to 230,000 new infections daily and three daily deaths. 5,000 people.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned leaders and people around the world that only ways to protect themselves by maintaining a safe social security gap can save people from being infected with the Covid-19 virus before the outbreak. Vaccines.


The future effects of the Covid-19 virus are threefold: First, the economic impact on countries and the world economy as a whole due to the closure of countries or economic activity. Second, the closure of countries or economic activities to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus is affecting the memory of people around the world due to staying indoors for too long. And third, affecting international relations from one country to another, from one community to another, due to the closure of land, sea and air borders between countries, countries and regions.

By: Echin