In recent days, news of a suspected burglary of a bridge over a bridge leading to Ben's house in Preah Vihear has sparked criticism. Particularly, emphasis is placed on the new social district governor.

After much criticism, Chum Puy, the new social governor of the district, also clarified the case, citing different reasons. Slowly … However, Chum Puy suddenly came under fire for repeatedly spelling out spelling errors that reached the masses. Critics added that the new social governor of Preah Vihear province was completely out of control and irresponsible.

The story on the social network has sparked a renewed buzz as many Facebook users voiced their support. Ironically, Chum Puy's response to such a spurious mistake was that of a computer error.

According to the Facebook account name Vann Mary Cnrp Criticized the comments, linking to the article KhoANEW.ASIA Original content of nkdnews Thus: “It's up to the district governor, but the wrong spell, the youngster just finished school and the governor is gone. District, don't rely on the computer, because it's just the machine for us. Humans do know that computers are not always carefully examined before they are taken But mistakes themselves Or a governor illiterate did not read and do not know what wrong. By: Hong Hong