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Suspected motorcycle crashes into wheelchair, causing death The scene of the crash, while driving, escaped.
The incident occurred at 7:45 pm on February 16, 2020, along the concrete road. Entrance to Toul Peng Market near Toul Peng Station in Trapeang Thleung Village, Sangkat Chaom Chao I, Khan Senchey

One of the container trucks above the top of the brand name Hyundai Haiyan, wearing license plate 3A-3581, the unidentified driver escaped. Missing. On the side of a motorcycle above the 2013 Honda Dream sedan, the black version number 1CF-4750 driven by a man An unidentified person died at the scene.

According to sources, the victim had been riding a motorbike alone in the southbound direction. Fast forward to the foot when the scene of a collision with another motorbike unknown. The motorcycle hit the road while the victim was trapped under a container truck The upper one, which was driving in the same direction, caused the head to fall on the victim's head and the helmet. The victim was killed instantly at the scene. Suddenly, the container truck driver managed to escape.

After the incident, the victim's brother and family arrived at the scene without believing the victim There was no life left, but the victim died. Immediately, police chief Chao Chao arrived at the scene to help with the traffic of the container truck. Get out of the scene and put on one side to prevent congestion.

After the incident, Por Sen Chey traffic police handed over to Phnom Penh Traffic Specialist to store truck and motorcycle The victims are expected to return to their families for a traditional holiday. (Editing by: Thida)