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Battambang: “For over 18 years, I have been holding a slab, carving a rock or falling on a rock… until today, Let me get a fair bit of success. Because many customers come to order stone sculptures or murals that almost make me free. There is no. This is the argument of a famous stone sculptor in Kampong Pel village, Wat Tamam commune, Sangke district.

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At the age of 33, he is currently famous for making all kinds of sculptures, sculptures and decorative designs. . “I know how to carve but I don't know how to carve wood .. And I know how to carve. But traditional Khmer art, but I also do not know how to make or use modern art. I specialize in Khmer art, sculpture and art. I can sculpt or make any kind of sculpture of any size and size of stone. ”

Situated on a narrow site where only a few oranges are covered, Mr. Moeun Thun Thun with just a few more children Largely carved stone sculptures (sandstone) weighing in at tens of tons. Bun Thun spent more than half an hour interviewing Koh Santepheap about some of his history. Learn to remember the engraving
Success has been achieved to this day.

“I had never been to a fine arts school,” said Soeun Bun Thun, describing his early history. Sculpture or sculpture or sculpture in a school that teaches carving .. And my parents have no history of carving. Either artist or artist ..! I know how to carve and sculpt these different designs from my brother-in-law .. who is a very potent rock and stone sculptor. One, that is, he was "out of school." He also recalled that during the first year of 2003, he went to work for statues and sculptures for Thai employers. In Thailand, on the border with Cambodia until 2015, he is back in his hometown to work in Cambodia. (At home today).

Soeun Bun Thun currently has more than three children who are actively working with him on a small site. A narrow one in front of his house. They wear masks on the job to protect the pollen, but not the coronavirus. Probably the oldest of the three apprentices in the quarry, 25-year-old Seam Chhunly Drop the mask a little and say, "I learned to carve this sculpture for three years. I can accomplish this myself! I do a lot of Khmer carving, ”he said.

His hands were not left unclaimed, Chhunly explained about the consequences of carving and sculpting. I learned that carving on rock was very difficult. Because there are many forms of Khmer art, but I would like to know it more than I want to carve. Nowadays I can engrave almost all forms of Khmer on different types of rock, but I'm not skilled at carving wood. ” No stumps or carvings were found in the sculpture of Mr. Soe Bun Thun, but they were found. Hundreds of tons of large rocks lay on the craggy site surrounded by protective veils. Dust pollen. There were no other statues or sculptures left there for viewing. In this view, Mr. Bunthoeun points out that the large rocks are a kind of "sandstone" which he Buy from Preah Vihear. The finished image has already been shipped to customers, leaving no room for viewing.

Bun Thon said the sandstone had already been cut to the size of a carved image or sculpture. Or some of the other inscriptions that the pre-orders were purchased. In the work of the sculpture, he said, he rarely had any remains left for the visitors to see, because the carvings had to be shipped off. Immediate. Most patrons are high-ranking or wealthy officials in Phnom Penh, who buy for sale in villas or exhibitions. In state institutions, each sculpture or sculpture costs thousands of dollars. That's why his place is so rare that he is only able to see it.

Related to over-stone skills, Soeun Bunten estimates for Battambang province, which specializes. The "stone" statues are unlikely to be as numerous as in other provinces. Most are rich in "wood" sculptures and are even richer than Vietnamese. Sir
Bun Thun also mentioned the famous work of stone sculptors carving "Buddha statues" on the walls of Samphan Mountain today. As an example, he claims that "the number of stone sculptors in Battambang is very small."

However, with the carving skills, Soeun Bun Thun said the carving skills had to be extremely patient. It took months for the carvings or other carvings on the big rocks to get done. But the famous sculptor also acknowledged that keeping in mind the carving skills he could not He passed the "school" to the raft, but he seems to have succeeded in the work of a sculptor. Currently, many customers are ordering statues, statues, statues, or inscriptions from him. Today, he and several of his apprentices work hard night and day, almost without need.

So he thinks this is a proud and successful achievement in his stone sculpture business, which has endured for 18 years. The past year. Mr. Bun Thun also forgot to call on Cambodians to support the work and encourage Khmer sculptors Trying to make the most of today's images.