Starting from a family conflict, an evil husband pours his wife's fuel into a fire Causes Full Burn Injury 1 pm on January 19, 2020 at Prey Pring Cheung Village, Sangkat Chom Chao 3, Khan Por Senchey.

The victim, Bo Srey Neth, a 29-year-old factory worker, lives in the village where she was born, Boeung Ngung village, Teuk Laok district, district police said. Pisey, Kampong Speu Province. The villain was named Vann Chan Sopheap, 30, who was living in the hometown of Kreung commune, Svay Teap district, Svay Rieng province. The couple have been married for more than seven years and have two daughters in the factory and sell food. In front of a factory in the village. Due to disagreements, the couple voluntarily went to the authorities for a peaceful divorce and agreed to have one of their first-born children. The child has been living with his wife for more than a month. Ex-wife returns to exile By noon on January 19, 2020, ex-wife, daughter, daughter and little sister Further to the rented house where the husband was staying in order to collect the remainder of his own clothes, there was no other motive, suddenly the angry husband grabbed the bottle Petrol poured over them and set on burning his ex-wife One live-burns throughout the body and the money ran away.

After the accident, the victim was on a motorbike and was rushed to the hospital for medical treatment while the sister was riding a moto to the family's father. At home, come help till evening. Family of a tuk-tuk truck filed a complaint against Chom Chak 3 police, but in serious condition, a full-fledged accident at 5:20 Later that same day, the family insisted that Unit 711 ambulance intervention be taken to Preah Kossamak Hospital.

The intervention authority immediately sent the victim to the rescue, and the cops went to the scene to be questioned by the victim's mother. Little did she know, and even accused the woman of having sex. Chom Chao 3 cops are acting in a murder case.

Authorities said the perpetrator was once in prison and domestic violence hit his wife with injuries and drug use. Allegedly attempted murder of another wife ៕ By: Wisdom