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Kompong Thom: Preliminary report says an elderly woman was sleeping in a hammock under a house when a man took a corner. Beat until you lose it. The case happened at the victim's house at 19:30 pm on March 6 in Chhouk Romduol village. Toul Sampuk District, Kampong Thom Province.

Lieutenant Colonel Mao Chanthy, the district police chief, said that after the incident, the suspect escaped but was working. Search and Detain 24-year-old Thath Thant, a resident of Chhouk Romduol village, after he had beaten a corner stick The victim, Kay Wen, 67, of the village, said the incident occurred While the victim was sitting in a hammock alone, the man suddenly struck several sticks in the head, causing his death. At the scene.

He added that the victim was an elderly woman and had not been married for years She lost her life and had no children to live with. The reason why the suspect was attacked was because of the dispute, and in this case our force is researching the case. Procedural drama ៕