Phnom Penh: Two Americans Who Have Been Criticizing the quarantine measures at the Mekong Hotel Kompong Cham is the only Cambodian health official to be found carrying 19 new KWDs From March 24th.

Earlier this morning, Prime Minister Hun Sen announced that a couple of Americans were coming to Cambodia on a Viking Cruise. Journey, who has been critical of Cambodia for secession in Kompong Cham, is one who has been found. Positive 19 of the 4 new carriers.

Prime Minister Hun Sen said this: “Now, apart from the three people who have passed away, one person has been recovered. The British were cured and the remaining two were hospitalized in Russia and four were newly infected. Two new spouses. ”

"The two Americans are the ones who say the junk that we carry," he said. He wants to stay at the 5 star hotel. He wants to stay at the star hotel. 5. But if we follow him, maybe the five-star hotel will collapse. Now two British nationals, a husband-wife and two Americans, four other spouses. This is the second leak.

On Monday, two American couple Ryan Knapp and wife Theresa Gordon criticized the filing. They were detained for 14 days in Kompong Cham province as 'detention'. They criticized that the hotel had a leak and that the bathroom had a leak. According to a quote by The USA Today.