“This information is untrue,” the Phnom Penh police chief said. "The authorities will take action against anyone who divulges and distributes false information."

On March 8, 2020, Secretary of State and Ministry of Health spokeswoman Ovandin came out to kick in and condemn the activists. The controversial Facebook post, which posted information intended for social mobilization, states: “All hospitals are alarmed. With the Covid-19 flu shot, ”he said.

Ms. Vandin dismissed the cynical comments made by opposition activists and asked authorities to seek ways to arrest them. It is punishable by law not to continue to produce such information to society in such a way.

Ms. Ou Vandin described the release of the news as "unethical and outrageous in its entirety." Do not believe it and ask the relevant authorities to take legal action. ”

At the same time, she is urging all citizens, especially Facebook users, to not rely on inappropriate information or unsolicited Facebook posts. And please trust the government, the Ministry of Health. If anything is new, the ministry will inform the people immediately. Easy to know prevent.

A society that is rich in this kind of turmoil does not see growth, but as a meritocracy, we have a wealth of good people. Most of the countries that are participating in the construction of the country have given us more but only a few germs. I don't sleep well every day thinking of the same powerful stories, forget about the Khmer, and walk along the road. Yes. Whoever he is, he is still called.

The Director of the Department of Communicable Disease Control on March 8 said that if the public had a fever or had a respiratory illness and had just traveled from the country of origin, COVID-19 infection or contact with a disease caused by a virus COVID-19 within 14 days before the onset of symptoms Consultation at Khmer-Soviet Hospital in Phnom Penh and in every hospital After province in the province, both across the country. In case of a doctor finding that there is a suspected need for an item or hospitalization, these patients will not be charged a test. COVID-19 and negative values ​​indicate positive COVID-19. The implementation will be done by both Khmer and foreign nationals. By: Columbus