Svay Rieng province A man who was an ABA Bank employee has diedThe accident took place between 9 am and 10 am on 14 May. February 2020, on National Road 1 between Kilometer No. 137 -138 in Prote village 2, Kandieng commune, Svay district Lower Svay Rieng province.

Authorities say there was a car in the name of Kamari Shark, a golden turquoise wearing a license plate. Male, 51 years old, Kingdom Occupation Unharmed) escaped from the scene of the accident To the sink, the man was hit in front of a motorbike Honda The Great White C12 5 Black Series 2017 wearing Prey Veng 1L-8090 badge opens with the name Prum Sharon Male 30 year old ABA Bank employee living in Preah Ponlea village, Preah Ponlea commune, Kampong Rings district, Svay Rieng province White hat (Head injury) serious head injury heading from destination to cause Accident and injury and died on arrival at the hospital.

The source added: "This is very dangerous and damaging: including one person dead, one motorcyclist ( Heavy) 01 car damage (etc). In particular, both methods are retained at the Inspector General of Svay Rieng's Inspectorate. Disregard of Priority ៕ By: Waiko