Kompong Speu Province: National tourists have praised the manager of the resort Or the Ampere Amphitheater in Kompong Speu has a host of environmentally friendly attractions. But apparently there are not many tourists to visit this resort.

However, tourists criticized Vong Speu provincial governor V Samnang for allowing wildlife offenses to be unregulated. The crime of slaughtering wild animals through most of the food vendors in the resort brings a variety of wild meat. These include: wild boars, rabbits, and scavengers, as well as to advertise to patrons to cook with anonymity and without restraint. .

Starting with this problem, national tourists have asked Vueang Speu provincial governor V Samnang for assistance in curbing animal crime. In Kompong Speu, most of the residents are living in remote locations, many of which are Phnom Ampe resorts for sale. Be wild, without the hassle. By: Domain