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A fire that spread across a grassy area of ​​Southwest Florida International Airport destroyed cars, a fire department official said. For rent thousands of units.

The fire destroyed thousands of cars at a time when the United States was suffering from the deadly virus As of Sunday, April 5, the United States had approximately 300,000 people infected with the 19 HIV infections and approximately one-third of them killed 8,098 people.

The fire department said the fire started Friday on a 15-acre site and originally had only 20 vehicles. Only in the grass car rental area at the airport did the fire continue to spread.

A spokesman for the Port Authority told CNN that the fire had intensified until the fire destroyed the rental car. More than 3,500 vehicles.

Melinda Avni, a Florida Forest Service expert from Caloosahatchee, said authorities were called to the fire at 5 p.m. Friday when the fire engulfed about 20 vehicles.

"When our team arrived at the scene, there were more than 100 cars on fire," she said. "We could not control it immediately until thousands of cars were burnt." Extract from the website: cnn (Video source: CBS Miami) (Editing by: Bopha)

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