The Ministry of Health issued a statement on April 4 As of April 3, there have been no positive cases of new polio virus 19. The ministry said that a further 19 people had recovered from the disease and that the number of coroners had recovered. And even more amazing was that in the case of a recovering patient, there was an 8-month-old French baby while the Cambodian Ministry of Health So far, Cambodia has not died Because of this vicious virus. Other countries around the world have footprints.

The Ministry of Health's team is conducting new case studies and will continue to inform the public if positives are found. Any other new 19s.

The Ministry of Health said that as of 7 am on April 4, there were 19 total coronary conditions in Cambodia. Increase to 49 (42.98% of all 19 people infected with the virus) Two British women, one British man, one Belgian man 8 French men (8 months old baby) 9 French women, 3 Malaysian men 3 Khmer men 23 men and one Cambodian woman (from January to present). Outbreaks have reduced to 65 out of a total of 114 people who are being treated. Government hospitals at national and provincial levels. As of the morning of April 4, 2020, by: Kolab