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Banteay Meanchey: Vegetables, fish, meat and poultry on the market in Poipet are usually on sale, despite other items. Others rose slightly after the Thai border closed to prevent the spread of the disease. Given that the Thai side is opening trucks, goods are moving through Cambodia through some international lines along the lines Boundaries. In addition, some of the meat and fish, meat, fish and meat are being communicated by Khmer-Thai traders over the phone or on Facebook. It is usually transported from Thailand by large trucks to the market near the border Most of the fish are also locally owned and cultivated.

Some traders say the vegetables they sell on the market are now bought from brokers who collect from local people. Villages in Battambang province, especially in Thmor Kol district, claim to be a non-toxic vegetable and sell well. One food vendor says that after the Thai border closure, some items appeared to be slightly higher but fish and vegetables Seems the same except for some meat.

According to the source, a kilo of pork previously sold not less than 20,000 riel, but now 1 Kg sells for more than 20,000 riels (good meat). However, fish from Thailand are for sale near the border and fish, crocodiles and fish feed In some provinces, such as Siem Reap, Kampong Thom and Phnom Penh, Thai merchants are brought to Cambodia At least 10 tonnes per day through Poipet International Gate.

Fish buyers from Thai traders move to the provinces, say pliny fish (fish, crocodiles and fish) ) And other fish prices rose slightly after the Thai border closed, but also helped many workers And so did some taxi drivers who had their fish exported Updated: children)