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Phnom Penh: The price of all kinds of vegetables in the Cambodian market has been on the rise for nearly half a month From Cambodia, we found the case
Positive coronavirus-19 infections in the past have caused some farmers
Fear not grow.

According to traders, wholesale and retail vegetable market in Deum Kor market on Monivong Road and along Roads in Toul Svay Prey II commune in Boeung Keng Kang district to distribute to markets in Phnom Penh Country.

Meet Chea Pov, 42, a wholesale vegetable seller and resident of Stung Meanchey commune. The category has been increasing since the Khmer New Year, due to insufficient imports of vegetables for distribution needs Markets in Phnom Penh are also on the streets Provinces.

According to Chou Pov, the vegetables are distributed in the market in Cube
Local vegetables, mostly vegetables grown in the Kandal Prek Kdam basin, are imported from Vietnam. Vietnamese vegetables are generally cheaper than locally grown vegetables. For vegetables imported from Sa'ang Prek, farmers were sold by farmers and vegetable traders in the afternoon. Salad costs 4,000 riels to 5,000 riel per kilogram, 3,000 riel cabbage, 1,500 riel to 2000 riel, black cabbage For 2,200 riels, 1 kg of cabbage for 800 riels. This value can go up and down, depending on the type of vegetable, good or bad, as in previous years, sometimes salad or some vegetables. Drop down to 500 riel per kilogram is also available.

The same source said that vegetables from Vietnam are usually shipped
Arriving at the market around 9 pm to 10 pm, it is cheaper to sell locally than vegetables grown locally. He said that one night, he bought vegetables at a local market. Phnom Penh and other provinces are about 5 tons per kg, earning only 100 to 200 Riels.

30-year-old Oeun Sokheang is a salad planter in Spang Prek Small
And for sale at the market, it is said that all vegetables increased because of the fear of farmers From the previous Kov-19 epidemic, no plants were planted, thus making the vegetables scarce. .
The same was true of vegetable sellers and truckers. Vendors said last year this month, the vegetables were overflow and that the cabbage and cabbage sometimes dropped. Up to 1 kg 500 riel, no buyers are left to decay.

According to an aunt, who sells cucumbers and cucumbers, anonymously
It is learned that all kinds of vegetables are imported from Kandal, Kandal, Kampong Speu and Kampong Cham provinces, as well as imported from the country. Vietnam. This year, the price of vegetables has increased in every area, such as the cucumber, which he brought from Kampong Speu for 1 kg, 1,500 riel and the price 1,500 riels per kilo, which is a lot higher than last year's only 300 to 400 riel.

It is worth mentioning that the Phu Krom market is the main vegetable market for distribution throughout the country, but the sale of vegetables is not Phsar Deum market is on the streets
Monireth East, Market and Streets in Sangkat Toul Svay Prey 2, where the exhibition runs from noon until Light up and cause traffic congestion.