Phnom Penh: Samdech Krom said that all officials In particular, the officers in the role of leadership must be exemplary to the officers under the service and guide their officers in fulfilling their duties. Torture is not to create factions, do not corruption, do not abuse power, do not violate the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of the people, especially not Role and authority of the household The administration has since transferred to the subject of seeking or protecting the interests of individuals and parties, subject to the rights of the accused. The nation and its people are the largest.

On Wednesday morning, March 4, 2020, the Minister of Interior HE Kras Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister of the Ministry of Interior, presided over a ceremony to mark the inauguration of the Government of Cambodia. The Deputy Governor of the Central Board of Governors celebrates at the Provincial Hall.

On the occasion, Deputy Prime Minister Krasim Sar Kheng highlighted a number of important tasks to the organization including strengthening. Security, stability, security and public order, the promotion of pluralistic democratic democracy on the basis of strengthening health Peace and national economic development, decolonization Economic reforms in the public and provide public services to the state.

Kratom indicated that the provincial administration must continue to suppress the movement's attempt to provoke communal unrest in order to create a revolutionary white revolution. Disband the government. Nevertheless, the prince also urged the public to increase their vigilance in action, for he sometimes acknowledged the improvement of the people. Or the color revolution, it can also be caused by any act of the leadership or officials, whether consciously or unconsciously, for example. Use domestic violence to dismiss concerns, concerns or requests Forest Economics or related offenses, such as people take small ones and big business, but should be less so.

As for the drug problem, Kuala Lumpur said on the outcome of the mass drug crackdown in 2019, especially at Clubs or recreational facilities, fishing and crack cocaine use. Samdech is still worried about small scale drug use and drug trafficking, especially in rural areas R. Samdech calls on authorities, communes, and police to increase their focus on drugs Well, having to deal with this drug is a priority, as it is very closely related. There will be local order security.

Traffic problem was also discussed by Deputy Prime Minister about the increase in traffic accidents in 2011 And to introduce more stringent enforcement measures than any other year in which the Ministry of Interior is in the process. Draft Sub-Decree to Increase the Weight of Punishment and Punishment for Punishers There is a law to submit the proposal to the Prime Minister in the near future before making any land traffic law amendments. There are more clear and severe statements about traffic penalties. He also reiterated that law enforcement must be conducted without any consideration or understanding of all persons. There is equality before the law.

Next, Samdech Khammam Kheng spoke about the process of reform, decentralization and deconcentration. The high level of involvement of commune chiefs, village chiefs, and commune chiefs in communal conflict Deliver public service obligations to the State to prevent other activities Developing its base to grow in line with government policies, especially the government, which has also increased Commune Councils in 2010 to provide more access to commune councils to serve local needs. At the same time, the prince reminded the commune councilors to use the budget effectively and effectively.

From the chairmanship, Samdech Khammam continued to emphasize the cause of the Cambodian People's Party, the ruling Cambodian People's Party. All days are dedicated to serving the nation and the people, and the cause is not unique to the community, even so far. This goes to the future, and the cause is to continue In fact, no matter what time of day it is, even now, on Saturday or Sunday, officials today have little time for rest, since the government has A local forum was set up to receive and solicit suggestions or requests from the people and the party was organized. Similarly, the task force is to make sure that officials are properly represented To close with a decent citizen.

Krasaing Kheng also spoke about how the special work of the Council and the Board of Governors has instructed the legal authorities and the letter Stipulated and clearly defined guidelines and guidelines of the Royal Government. In particular, the spread of the virus, Corona or COVID19, and bird flu have also been criticized by the prime minister. It is prudent, but not prudent, to become overly fearful. He called on the people to take precautionary measures according to the instructions of the Ministry.

Before concluding the inauguration ceremony, the Deputy Governor of the Board of Governors of the Central Provinces of the Kingdom of Cambodia Samdech Krasal Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister He expressed his hope that "the new Deputy Provincial Governor will take on the role." Good place, internal solidarity To jointly develop and handle public services for local citizens a better job. "By: Flamingo