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Phnom Penh: Early Wife and Young Woman Claim to Be Late, Conflict, Smoke and Becoming Violent When her first wife, her husband, sought to settle her case in court, the divorce came. The couple had a separate marriage.

However, the violence did not cause any serious injuries, but police were taken to both sides by the police Only. The incident triggered an alarm at 11:40 am on March 28, 2020, along the side of the road Near the Toul Sovannarom pagoda, you are called Wat Ko Ko village, Khan Russey Keo, Phnom Penh.

Chun Ratana, 36, is married to Chum Vy Chhay, 38, a taxi driver in Prey Veng – both in Phnom Penh. People live in Snail village, Peam commune, Svay Antor district, Prey Veng province. The woman, known as the stepdaughter, is Pisey, 26, who sells incense in Kro Ko village, Kilometer 6, Khan Russey Keo. The scene of the scene.

According to the report, the woman, including six siblings, had been riding in a car with a lever. A man from Prey Veng aims to find a husband who abandoned his wife and children and escaped. Prey Veng Provincial Court twice and also searched for two petrol vehicles A fox was taken to sell the pay guarantee.

According to sources, in the search for her, the wife may have been aware that the husband had stolen the last wife. Around Wat Tuol and you came to a stop near the lady's house to buy some water. Meanwhile, the husband is likely to be aware of just seeing his wife immediately escape the shadow.

It was reported that because of the love triangle, the couple had secretly contacted their husband at the time. She also cursed and prophesied near the house and was picked up by her stepmother. The house, along with the parents, retaliated and pulled a neighbor's ice bucket Car wife.

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Immediately, local police came down to coordinate. After a sharp dispute, the woman pulled the ice bucket out of the car and was about to leave. Lever pulled the ice bucket and poured drinks in front of the car and jumped on the woman in front of the base and exploded. Curse each other again. Meanwhile, there was a fight between the nail and nail injuries. After the violence, police took the woman to the scene of the violence and called her husband and wife to the station for mediation.

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According to the couple, she is suing the couple for 2006 marriage. Last year with 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy. For about four years, the two of them have been living apart and the husband who stole the taxi has a new wife. After a disagreement, the husband decided to file a divorce complaint before the provincial court for divorce and to file a lawsuit. Divorce has been called twice, and the court has twice called for her husband to come to light. He got away and took a gasoline car 2 units with new construction and fugitive lover, it is not isolated.

According to the wife, because her husband did not settle down, she was under heavy responsibility, raising children and paying the bail She was desperate to find her husband in the car, but her husband escaped. The stepmother reported that she was abused by both the woman and her Facebook. Curse her home again so she could not stand.

According to reports, after being taken to the post due to minor injuries, police have been able to negotiate a ceasefire agreement He urged the man to appear before the court to withdraw his wife.