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In the afternoon of 21 April 2020, the Shanghai Municipality delivered the gift To the Capital Hall 3,000 N95 Mask, 20,000 Medical Masks and 500 Suit Covers for the Ceremony Phnom Penh Capital Hall President of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia and Mr. Koung Sreng, the Governor of the Capital.

At the above event, Phnom Penh Governor Koung Sreng called on people to be cautious as the calm days of release There were no confirmed cases of polio infection in 19, and it was observed that people in Phnom Penh were out in business. At the same time, for the movement of the people is not prohibited, but be careful, even if the situation of Kovir 19 is slightly reduced. More details will be published on the Koh Santepheap newspaper. (Editing by: Thida)