PHNOM PENH – A young couple has been accused of stealing a necklace The victim's buttocks were heard by the police in light of the low-level police force cooperating with the Toul Kork police force at the spot. In front of Indra Devi School on April 15, 2020.

In the video, the victim is heard confronting the man accused of stealing a gun in front of the police He was indeed broke when the accused man insisted he was not caught and on the motorcycle escaped. But there are allegations that he and his girlfriend were thieves and dare to claim the cops Also check the camera.

However, after the incident, the authorities sent the couple to the first Lorkheap police station for questioning leading to their accomplices. He continued.

However, looking at the comments from a Facebook user who is known for specializing in women, exclaims: "Famous! Near the house, your child is just not behaving, has been in jail not less than three times. " At the same time, some people said, "Usually, a beautiful face, less believable, is now clear to the eye, and less Accuse the police of killing the police !! .

CEN has not received any information on whether the girlfriend is involved in the crime. ៕ By: Hong Hong